Been a while!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since i last wrote a blog post about Mini Mix! Things have been a little quiet lately as my mum has now gone back to working part time doing what she loves doing, driving buses! ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s doing it part time as got fed up being house bound, sewing all the time ha! bless her…..

While I’ve been looking after my little boy who has put me through my paces! terrible twos have hit us pretty hard! but now Alfie is calming down and i have more time to focus on everything else again!

Well as everyone knows, Mini Mix was a hobby business for us. We like to take our time making our items and putting as much care and attention into our creations as possible. I’m not the best at keeping up to date but now that is going to change! GOING FOR IT STRONG AND HARD! ย In the run up to Christmas look out for our special offers on makes and creations! we have now sourced a reliable supplier of materials and looking to put lots of hard work into making our company a success. We are going to change the look of our website and make the order process more easy!

So watch out! Mini Mix is coming fast and hard!



Cushions we have made

Hi everyone…..Well over the last few days i’ve been running over the cushions we have made for customers over the past year. We hand make all our items and i just love them. They were really popular at Craft Fairs we did before Christmas, the hard work was getting them done in time…..This was all before we set up the Website and everything. Most of our bits we buy from Ebay and majority of our Felt from:

They sell some gorgeous materials…..!

Here as some of the pictures we took at the time. What do you think?

Jewel butterfly cushion

Hand Made using Felt, Jewels and Fleece for the Cushion cover 

Jewel butterfly cushion
Hand Made using Felt, Jewels and Fleece for the Cushion cover

Jewel butterfly cushion

Hand Made using Felt, Jewels and Fleece for the Cushion cover

Hand Made Jeweled cushion

Hand made gorgeous cushion using jewels, stuck on with super fabric glue


Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Making new bits!

Right……Well mum has been working her little socks off while i’ve been having a break due to work commitments, controlling my scary two and half year old who refuses to go to bed, get dressed! You know the usual but here’s some bits my mum has been doing lately while also getting out our blanket orders! WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?

Well as she is starting to do some craft fairs here’s some of her makes! really proud of my mummy!

union jack canvas picture

Made with Felt and Rhinestones

20130723_170713 20130723_153237 20130723_153321 20130723_153351 20130723_170217

Also remember if you would like to be a tester and have us make you a toy box huger please click onto our blog post below:

love MiniMix

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. ...

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. The visible texture is a characteristic of this type of card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toy Box Hugger – want a free one?


Well today I’ve been looking at some of the stuff I’ve made in my old house for Alfie. In my last house i made a toy box from MDF and covered it with a hugger!

Basically its a fabric covering with ties at the back so it can be removed when i want to update Alfie’s room or follow the theme where ever the toy box is sat! this is because i know how expensive toy boxes are…..and i wanted something i could re-use!

The method! i measured the area i wanted to put it…..took my measurements to B&Q (yes they love me there at the timber cutting station) and got some basic MDF cut to the sizes i wanted.

I then glued, crash nails and built my toy box….! soooo much cheaper than buying one from a shop and fit exact into the space i wanted it.

I then got some fabric and designed a theme to wrap around it! attached to the back some Velcro to secure it and waaaaa laaaaa a toy box i made in a couple of hours that fits exact and looks coool!

What do you think????

I’m thinking about adding these as an item to my Facebook shop as I’ve never seen anything like this in high street shops or online! means you can up date the look of a toy box when ever! Without spending the pennies replacing the entire thing! customizing it and adding some funky flare to a plain wooden box!

If you like what you see! read below for the chance to have one made for you at NO COST!

I’m looking for people to design them for….all it will entail is being able to take and up load the pictures and you send me some pictures once you have received it! please complete the form below if you have a toy box you want to up date and the theme you would like. I will design, make and send you the hugger including any personalisation you would like! examples: Alfie’s Toys…..Toys Here Please! and a theme designed around the wording. All you will need to do is post comments on our Facebook fan page, on our blog ย and some pictures of it in use! I WILL ONLY MAKE THESE FOR THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE WHO CONTACT ME! SO GO ON BE MY TESTER ๐Ÿ™‚

My first toy box creation

My first toy box creation