Early morning wake up call!

WOW, my little fella has been at his nannies in Liverpool for a few days and while he’s away i get the luxury of having a nice lay in! picked him up last night and this morning forgot he was with me and heard little pitter patter of feet come into bed with me at 6.50AM! wow, culture shock ha! but never mind, much rather see his little smiling face in the morning than NOT so all good but very tired today 😦

Been asked to make a pirate theme cot bedding set, so been looking at ideas online for inspiration! got the picture in my mind now of what i need to create so all good! can’t wait to get started later! got my mum and nan helping sew the embellishments for the show in April so its going to be all go go go! got to do the shopping, Ironing pile sky high and now got lots and lots of bedding sets to make! but all ready got 4 orders from my website since publishing it last week!!

Think i need to revamp my ordering process though and add a proper shopping cart 😦 more researching the internet 😦 oh well, i want my business so got to work hard! 🙂

Charlene 🙂



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