Waiting For Orders

Ok so the weekend is over and back to the drawing board, well not exactly back! been working hard this weekend. Moved all my stuff (ok crap) from my house and rushed into storage, kids driving us crazy as usual. Made lots of pirates and fishes for my cot bumpers! and went out for a lovely Sunday lunch for my Granddads birthday yesterday! all go go go oh and not forgetting the 3 bottles of wine we polished off over the weekend while watching some awesome telly! so a sore head as well! but never mind, a very productive weekend in all.

So excited for this week! i have to travel to London for work, waiting for my orders from http://paper-and-string.blogspot.com/  – some great felt rolls to complete some bits! and getting my fabric to start piecing together all our hard work! exciting times!! 

Also going to start piecing together some tutorials for everyone to use and see! and start looking at great blogs to follow! not long until the Baby Toddler Show in Essex! so much going on! πŸ™‚

Charlene xx


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