So Far so Good @minmixkidsdesigns

28th March 2013

Hello world! Well MiniMix Kids Designs is well on its way! I’ve drafted a few tutorials on the train to London when going to an important meeting and BEING LATE AS USUAL ha! When I start making up the embellishments and photos taken step by step I can start up loading them! The response through our website has been great so reinventing it using a different eCommerce website to make it better and easy to start the orders following! Going to also integrate it with an eBay shop after our show in April! All a work in progress! Our big order of felt has come and our Nanna’s house looks like a sewing factory ha! kinda like that advert of the Cambridge Satchel Company when the kitchen is jammed packed with bags! Ha! Can’t wait to really get the ball rolling, better pictures of our products and items and also some added extras! Ekkkkkk exciting times!
Found some interesting great blogs I want to share with everyone! Such a great time at the moment all we need at the moment is some SUN to complete the happy times! ha!
Here are some pictures of our makes so far and where I’m drawing my inspiration from! Also such a funny picture of my little snow monster with an uncle and mummy who couldn’t stop laughing!
Just ordering some Skull and Cross bones buttons to put on the flag! Will make this into a Tutorial and put the final pieces together to show how its sewn on!

My first go at the treasure chest for the Pirate Themed cot bedding set was awful so looked on line for some inspiration! And here it is! Will post my final piece when it’s perfected ha! I don’t copy straight from the picture by the way lol! Just in case you was wondering!
MY LITTLE SNOW MONSTER! With a mummy and uncle who couldn’t stop laughing but trauma diverted as Alfie was laughing too! He’s a runner, not a slow walker so therefore tripping is his forte!  Ha! Bless him…… BIG KISSES you crazy little fella!

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