Easter Weekend….Mocked up Cot Bumper Sets

2ndApril 2013

Arghhhhhhh it’s getting CLOSER! Only 2 weeks to go to get all our makes and items sewn together and sorted! Scary!!!!
Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and bank holiday! Freezing in England and we are all full of colds! My son’s nose is like the Nile; clean it and then it’s back again within 10 minutes! How is that possible? How can such a little person produce so much gunky horrible snot! Not to mention the icky stomach he had, so all fun and games….. L…. But on the plus note had a lovely Easter dinner, Alfie got a lot  of Easter Eggs and it’s a crime against the Easter Bunny not to eat them all and just to top it off put on my trousers this morning and they are VERY VERY tight so erm……GYM here I come! Oh and me, being smug thinking I hadn’t caught anything from my little monster woke up today with a raging sore throat and lots of SNOT! ARGH!
Well that’s my rant over ha!

Got some pictures of us mocking up some of the designs for the cot bumpers, I’ve got to say and YES I am VERY BIASED but they look absolutely fab! So different and unoriginal! Every cot bumper set is going to be unique and not one will be the same! J Absolutely loving that it’s all coming together, there’s light at the end of the tunnel yet! Ha! And I’ve got to give a big shout out to Paper and Strings! I brought there felt and its lovely…… so nice to cut and work with also the colours I ordered are very vibrant and bold which is just want we want! Got to order some more soon…..i want my free promotional kit ha!

http://www.paper-and-string.co.uk/ – link to their site!

So here you are guys….. Some pictures of the process so far! Look out for our tutorials coming soon and also chances to work with us! That’s if you would like to ha!
So can’t wait for the finished items to be photographed displayed and up on my site but due to the labour intensive work piecing these together I’m really going to have to review my pricing structure L……

This is going to be the “Shhh I’m Sleeping” Range which can be personalised and tweaked….. Please comment if you like 🙂

Love Charlene 🙂 xx
MiniMix Kids Designs

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