9th April 2013


OHHHHH GOD! Only 9 days to go until the baby and toddler show in Glow Bluewater! Everything is now coming together but we had a massive drama over the weekend! My mummy has our slinger sewing machine at her house but we decided I needed one at mine to get everything done in time so mummy brought me an awesome pink sewing machine from my favourite place in the world HOBBY CRAFT!! J It obviously was a display item or used in a demo because the packaging wasn’t great but it was the only PINK machine they had left and I really really wanted it! So at the check-out the sale’s lady said to bring it back if it was damaged! Well two days later, Sunday night when I really needed to get the bits sewn on after being ill for FOUR DAYS (god dam you flu) and you know, being on a very tight schedule and all that would the machine work! NO IT WOULDN’T! After an hour of tinkering and re-reading the instructions I just couldn’t take it no more! It went back in the box, a few tears watching it go (I LOVED IT) and now it’s back at Hobby craft and I had to exchange it for a new one, which for the extra £20.00 is 100 times better for what I need and what I should of went for in the first place…… but never mind, that will teach me for loving the PINK ha! so basically drama diverted and got all the sewing done last night!

Heres the Link, an awesome little machine for all your sewing needs, comes with a DVD instruction and Tutorial as well 🙂

Oh and BIG BIG THANK YOU TO PAPER AND STRINGS for my order which came today!!!! only ordered it yesterday but emailed as well to say i needed it fast and WAAAAA LAAAAA it came today! thank you guys!!

There blog is great too and they do lots of freebies as well! but lovely stuff which is great for crafting!

We’ve decided to run a competition on our stand at the show next week! Picked out some great prizes from the asda experience days! So anyone who’s passing, doesn’t matter if they buy or not will just have to put their name and email address on a piece of paper and pop it into the fish bowl for a chance to win! Here’s some of the prizes up for grabs below:

Top Prize:Enjoy an evening out to a 3 Course Dinner with Champagne Cocktail for Two at Hilton HotelsTake your pick from a wide range of Hilton Hotels for the perfect evening out. The night begins with a refreshing Champagne cocktail in hand and only gets better from there. Once seated comfortably, the Hilton’s kitchens will conjure up a magical three course dinner for two. Expect a tantalizing starter, followed by a succulent main course and the culmination of the meal will be a heavenly dessertWORTH £49

Treat yourself and a loved one to a Fresh Fashion Experience for TwoNow you and a friend have the opportunity to live like a model! This fabulous experience will let dedicated experts create your perfect look. Firstly you will each receive a stunning make-up session followed by a fantastic hair style. You will then step onto the photographic set to enjoy a fashion photo shoot you’ll never forget. Clothing changes, background changes; your photographer will create that look that will have jaws dropping. After the photo shoot you will be able to view your pictures and can select one complimentary print, plus any additional ones you would like to purchaseWORTH £25

Just a little idea of what could be won!  And below a link to buy tickets for the show overall! A great day out if you’re expecting and to try out all the new toys! Great little pieces you won’t find on the high street! J

Get 2 for 1 tickets (2 tickets for £12) & see us at the Bluewater Baby & Toddler Show 19-21 April. Quote BS08 and don’t forget to come and visit us!

Charlene Xx


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