New Item Alert! Buggy Cosys!

JUNE 2013
OK my mother is amazing! Look what she has created…..just amazing! Our new range of buggy cosys are going to be sold on our website for £45.00 plus P&P which I think is a fab price….my buggy cosy (the fleece tie up one) cost me £30.00 from a high street shop! So £45.00 for an irreversible buggy cosy, including zip and a Velcro strapping system for ease of attachment is a bloody steal!

Basically our buggy cosy’s are made from one side: cotton / the other side: Fleece – so to keep snug and warm in the winter and cool in the summer! The bottom (which is attached to the seat) has wadding inside for soft little bottoms to sit on! A good sized pocket on the cotton side of the cover which is big enough for bottles / beakers and best of all those ever going missing dummies! I don’t know about you but when I’m out and about I get soooo annoyed with having to stop every 5 minutes to give my son his beaker and then the juice spills into the cosy and its just a night mare!
The way the zip is sewn in means the actual cosy can be reversed when one side is dirty! And you have it whichever way you would like it!  We’ve also but a Velcro strap on at the top to hold in place on the bars of the pram! So no fiddling tying and untying the knots! Which I think it great, just unstraps it when I want to wash it!
Check it out on our website:

More designs coming soon!

Please leave us your comments on our new product as we really want to know what you think – good and bad! It doesn’t matter! 🙂 xx

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