Ok, for those of you who don;’t know me! I’ve had mega long hair for a very long time , down nearly to my bum! and really don’t like hair dressers! (trust me an awful experience with a Spanish hair dresser, ok she was English and dyed my fell’s hair at the time light buld yellow! OK MAYBE SHOULDN’T OF LET HER TOUCH MY HAIR READING THIS ha) but anyway, she cut my hair (a few years ago now) and basically she said at the end “OH IT’S MEANT TO LOOK LIKE HAIR EXTENSIONS!”

WHAT! no! my hair was all one length and i just wanted layers! GOD IT WAS AWFUL! so basically i don’t like people cutting my hair!

But unfortunately it had gone sooo long without a cut and was just a tangled mess i looked like a hobo dread lock fruit loop….couldn’t brush it properly and had to get my mummy to brush my hair at times! I’M 25!!!!!! plus the amount of shampoo and conditioner! wow! no wonder i was always cursing when paying for my shopping and weekly cosmetic products!

So basically i decided to have it cut! what started as a trim turned into 5 inchs of the length and do you know what I LOVE IT! it feels awesome, fresh and bouncy. I have really thick hair so it was awesome to feel some weight being taken off…..! but here’s the mess i left behind ha!

I took the bag of hair home (yes i know, whack job) and told my fella well we have a enough hair now for him to get plugs! ha…..yep he wasn’t too impressed…..(he’s losing his hair, touchy subject he he but i secretly laugh ha ha ha ha! )

So thank you to my lovely wonder hair dresser, Lisa @ talking heads in Northampton! I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!



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