Pension Reforms!! The internal mind baffling battle!!

Pension Reforms!! The internal mind baffling battle!!

Ok I know this is nothing to do with crafting or our items but seriously need help!!!!! My employer has just been to a seminar about the pension reforms!! I know it’s not until a year or so but STILL!!

Right, single working mummies WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO????? I think we have to pay in 8% minimum into the pension thing which our employees have to automatically op us in!! And we have to call up the pension people to opt out!!

On my estimations that’s going to be a chunk of my wage which I JUST CAN NOT AFFORD and the difference between buying my growing strapping cheeky boy new clothes and shoes, (I do like my Alfie to look nice in clothes and shoes that fit, I buy most of his bits from Primark, might be cheaper than next but don’t last long AT ALL) skimping on certain foods (more than what we have to budget for at the moment and I shop at Aldi, no shame in that) and just generally cutting back more than what we have to at the moment, visiting family and friends, buying the odd bottle of wine! Mummies, please tell me you don’t need a bottle of wine at the end of the week!!! I’m gutted! With the cost of living increasing, petrol, child care being so high WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?????

On one hand I want to pay in because I’m thinking long term, with my sensible head on, when I’m old and grey! Yes the grey is already starting and IM ONLY 25 and now officially closer to 26! Where have the years gone….oh yeah sleep deprived and working……sorry back on subject……but on the other hand how can we afford to do it now!! 
Growing a business is hard enough and every penny we earn is going back into the business at the moment L my dreams of an Audi A4 has dashed out the window, skidded on to a corner, crashed burned out into the a tree and to top it off into a river!!

Am I being selfish wanting the nice things in life which I work god dam hard for!? I remember the days I use to go to work and earn enough money to buy the bits I needed and want and still put some in savings! NOW ITS weekly shops at Aldi (can’t knock the food sold there) hand me downs from family and friends and not being able to spoil my little man is heart breaking!! I dread the sound of the ice cream man! We keep the population going with our children, some like to stay at home (good on ya as really don’t know how you can do it, my little monster drives me nuts and if I could stay home with him all day I WOULD) but I chose to go to work and now I’m penalised left right and center for it!

Any thoughts would be grrrrrreat as Tony the tiger would put it!! Ha! 

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