Hi and Welcome to MiniMix Kids Designs. I’m the founder Charlene and with the help of my lovely lovely family I’m hoping to bring a new concept and a different way to furnish our favourite mini people in this world, our little wonderful kiddies!

Ok when their babies they are really cute and only sleep and do their business but when they hit 1 and half onward’s that it! us parents are doomed! ha! 

My son’s bedroom is the only place he can call his own, all his own worldly possessions (yes even though i have brought them, that kid is going to owe me a lot of pocket-money when he grows up oh and some plastic surgery for my saggy belly ha!, only kidding! not about the sagging belly part though) So when i decided to decorate his bedroom i wanted it to be a fun place where his imagination could grow and come to life! somewhere he would enjoy spending (well giving me a breather) and be his own little chill out spot! Where as we own the rest of the house!

MiniMix came to me during the process of looking online at the furnishings i could buy for my son’s room. The usual character themed bedding and accessories came up first! Thomas the tank and post man pat being the obvious but to be honest i have enough of seeing those on the TV i didn’t want to see them around my house as well! the more i looked the more i realised i wanted something more bold, bright and stylish and most of all unique with my imput rather than the poor quality (most of the time, or my washing machine HATES ME) mass-produced, the accessories that everyone else has and the same kind of looking room for him! and that is when i decided to start creating his bedding and room accessories!  I’ve always loved crafting but obviously going out to work and being a young teen meant it went on the back burner, as everything does when your that age. I’m a very artist person with A grades for ART and DESIGN at school, should have went to college and uni but hey ho! i know everything at 16!! 🙂

MiniMix is a concept that lets the parents be in control. If you want a design for example I’m currently making a Cot Bumper with a Pirate theme which has been asked for, I sketched a plan and agreed the background color (all my progress will be in my Blogs), I’ve previously been asked to make a football themed cot bumper set and the curtains, Princess is very popular which sugar hot pinks and diamonds on show cushions (obviously not on the bumper in case little madam though they were sweetie) i also made a mirror for my own living room! UNION JACK all the way. 

Follow me on twitter, printerest, like my Facebook page and my blog for all up to date news, tutorials, silly stupid stuff about my life, happy and stressful times of juggling a new business, motherhood and working at a P.A!  Free give away’s, new inspirations and ideas. Please comment, good and bad reviews….its an open book! 



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