Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Making new bits!

Right……Well mum has been working her little socks off while i’ve been having a break due to work commitments, controlling my scary two and half year old who refuses to go to bed, get dressed! You know the usual but here’s some bits my mum has been doing lately while also getting out our blanket orders! WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?

Well as she is starting to do some craft fairs here’s some of her makes! really proud of my mummy!

union jack canvas picture

Made with Felt and Rhinestones

20130723_170713 20130723_153237 20130723_153321 20130723_153351 20130723_170217

Also remember if you would like to be a tester and have us make you a toy box huger please click onto our blog post below:

love MiniMix

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. ...

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. The visible texture is a characteristic of this type of card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Amazing Alphabet Photography!

WOW these guys are amazing, we were opposite these at the Baby and Toddler show we did in April!
Basically you go on their website:

And enter in a name or any word and it brings up an individual picture’s of the individual words set next to each other to spell out the name or word you have entered. You’ve really got to click on it to see it! Here’s mine I got ! ha! oh and the price is directly below so bonus!

These really are amazing gifts for family and friends, something very different and unusual. Disguised as a row of art but if you look closely spells out your saying! So to the unknowing eye…’s a mystery! But to those who know a secret ha!

These are defo on my Christmas buying list this year!!!!!!

Love them!