Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Craft Fairs – MiniMix

Making new bits!

Right……Well mum has been working her little socks off while i’ve been having a break due to work commitments, controlling my scary two and half year old who refuses to go to bed, get dressed! You know the usual but here’s some bits my mum has been doing lately while also getting out our blanket orders! WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?

Well as she is starting to do some craft fairs here’s some of her makes! really proud of my mummy!

union jack canvas picture

Made with Felt and Rhinestones

20130723_170713 20130723_153237 20130723_153321 20130723_153351 20130723_170217

Also remember if you would like to be a tester and have us make you a toy box huger please click onto our blog post below:

love MiniMix

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. ...

Textured craft card, in a variety of colours. The visible texture is a characteristic of this type of card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Website Coming Along!

30th April 2013:

Mini Mix Website!

Ok its been a work in progress in the final stages of getting the website sorted! There will be a section on theme wall ideas, pictures I’ve found on the internet and also some I’ve sketched myself! Great inspiration for little ones bedrooms! I’ve nearly got the product area sorted with all the pictures ! Some great looking pics! Took them all last night at my nanny’s which is currently HQ ha! The website is very colorful,  full of life, bright and fun! Which shows what Mini Mix is all about…… !

Got some pictures below which will be going on our website! Cant wait to get it launched! Also got some meetings set up for other companies to use our items in there displays and that! Exciting times!

What do you think?

Charlene xx


9th April 2013


OHHHHH GOD! Only 9 days to go until the baby and toddler show in Glow Bluewater! Everything is now coming together but we had a massive drama over the weekend! My mummy has our slinger sewing machine at her house but we decided I needed one at mine to get everything done in time so mummy brought me an awesome pink sewing machine from my favourite place in the world HOBBY CRAFT!! J It obviously was a display item or used in a demo because the packaging wasn’t great but it was the only PINK machine they had left and I really really wanted it! So at the check-out the sale’s lady said to bring it back if it was damaged! Well two days later, Sunday night when I really needed to get the bits sewn on after being ill for FOUR DAYS (god dam you flu) and you know, being on a very tight schedule and all that would the machine work! NO IT WOULDN’T! After an hour of tinkering and re-reading the instructions I just couldn’t take it no more! It went back in the box, a few tears watching it go (I LOVED IT) and now it’s back at Hobby craft and I had to exchange it for a new one, which for the extra £20.00 is 100 times better for what I need and what I should of went for in the first place…… but never mind, that will teach me for loving the PINK ha! so basically drama diverted and got all the sewing done last night!

Heres the Link, an awesome little machine for all your sewing needs, comes with a DVD instruction and Tutorial as well 🙂

Oh and BIG BIG THANK YOU TO PAPER AND STRINGS for my order which came today!!!! only ordered it yesterday but emailed as well to say i needed it fast and WAAAAA LAAAAA it came today! thank you guys!!

There blog is great too and they do lots of freebies as well! but lovely stuff which is great for crafting!

We’ve decided to run a competition on our stand at the show next week! Picked out some great prizes from the asda experience days! So anyone who’s passing, doesn’t matter if they buy or not will just have to put their name and email address on a piece of paper and pop it into the fish bowl for a chance to win! Here’s some of the prizes up for grabs below:

Top Prize:Enjoy an evening out to a 3 Course Dinner with Champagne Cocktail for Two at Hilton HotelsTake your pick from a wide range of Hilton Hotels for the perfect evening out. The night begins with a refreshing Champagne cocktail in hand and only gets better from there. Once seated comfortably, the Hilton’s kitchens will conjure up a magical three course dinner for two. Expect a tantalizing starter, followed by a succulent main course and the culmination of the meal will be a heavenly dessertWORTH £49

Treat yourself and a loved one to a Fresh Fashion Experience for TwoNow you and a friend have the opportunity to live like a model! This fabulous experience will let dedicated experts create your perfect look. Firstly you will each receive a stunning make-up session followed by a fantastic hair style. You will then step onto the photographic set to enjoy a fashion photo shoot you’ll never forget. Clothing changes, background changes; your photographer will create that look that will have jaws dropping. After the photo shoot you will be able to view your pictures and can select one complimentary print, plus any additional ones you would like to purchaseWORTH £25

Just a little idea of what could be won!  And below a link to buy tickets for the show overall! A great day out if you’re expecting and to try out all the new toys! Great little pieces you won’t find on the high street! J

Get 2 for 1 tickets (2 tickets for £12) & see us at the Bluewater Baby & Toddler Show 19-21 April. Quote BS08 and don’t forget to come and visit us!

Charlene Xx

Easter Weekend….Mocked up Cot Bumper Sets

2ndApril 2013

Arghhhhhhh it’s getting CLOSER! Only 2 weeks to go to get all our makes and items sewn together and sorted! Scary!!!!
Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and bank holiday! Freezing in England and we are all full of colds! My son’s nose is like the Nile; clean it and then it’s back again within 10 minutes! How is that possible? How can such a little person produce so much gunky horrible snot! Not to mention the icky stomach he had, so all fun and games….. L…. But on the plus note had a lovely Easter dinner, Alfie got a lot  of Easter Eggs and it’s a crime against the Easter Bunny not to eat them all and just to top it off put on my trousers this morning and they are VERY VERY tight so erm……GYM here I come! Oh and me, being smug thinking I hadn’t caught anything from my little monster woke up today with a raging sore throat and lots of SNOT! ARGH!
Well that’s my rant over ha!

Got some pictures of us mocking up some of the designs for the cot bumpers, I’ve got to say and YES I am VERY BIASED but they look absolutely fab! So different and unoriginal! Every cot bumper set is going to be unique and not one will be the same! J Absolutely loving that it’s all coming together, there’s light at the end of the tunnel yet! Ha! And I’ve got to give a big shout out to Paper and Strings! I brought there felt and its lovely…… so nice to cut and work with also the colours I ordered are very vibrant and bold which is just want we want! Got to order some more soon…..i want my free promotional kit ha! – link to their site!

So here you are guys….. Some pictures of the process so far! Look out for our tutorials coming soon and also chances to work with us! That’s if you would like to ha!
So can’t wait for the finished items to be photographed displayed and up on my site but due to the labour intensive work piecing these together I’m really going to have to review my pricing structure L……

This is going to be the “Shhh I’m Sleeping” Range which can be personalised and tweaked….. Please comment if you like 🙂

Love Charlene 🙂 xx
MiniMix Kids Designs

Snotty Neighbors!

Welll……Today’s another day! my son loves the word no and says no to everything! had to bribe him with an apple to get dressed (lucky my kids loves fruit otherwise he would not have no teeth left) Every working parent knows how hard it is sometimes to get out the house on time with a screaming defiant two and half year old! its the end of the world for him when he needs his bum changing and time outs in the morning are just too time consuming so bribing is all i have at the moment ha! 

So i’m already frustrated, running late and then i get into my car and find that the neighbors have posted a letter to my car! well got to work and wrote this letter back! 
To the residents of …………..
Many thanks for your letter left on my car this morning. I am now aware this is a privately owned space and therefore will not park there again. I would like to take this opportunity to explain as to the reasons I parked here in the first instance. After a couple of months of parking my car at the road side in front of the apartments, some lovely young youths decided to run their keys down the side of my car and steal my back wiper blade, obviously having lovely looking cars yourself you can understand my frustration at this. I then asked my new partner if I could park in the car park allocated at the back of the building, where he advised me that he did not see cars parked in this space regularly, citing he presumed it to be a visitors space for the residents of the apartments due to the way the space is designed and also the fact the opposite houses have such lovely long drives which could easily fit 2-3 cars and for added extras, garages (a rarity these days I can tell you! And well done you!).
I have been parking in this space for a number of months and did not know this was privately owned by who, I’ve only just found out, are such lovely nice people that didn’t have the heart to notify me a lot sooner to make me aware that the long drive was not sufficient space enough for their own cars and that I should refrain from parking in this spot. Obviously from the reasons above you can understand why I parked here in the first instance and maybe if by parking here is such an offense to you both, you both should think about clubbing together and putting up a sign to stop such a horrible act happening again.
I can understand your frustrations as at my previous address in …….. a resident nearby kept parking in one of my allocated spots (I had two! Whoo) and I advised him as soon as it became a regular occurrence over a period of a couple of weeks. He explained his apartment didn’t provide him with an allocated spot and was very apologetic for parking in my un-used spot, he explained he thought this space was not used as no vehicles were regularly parked here but due to me being obviously too soft hearted and a caring person (a trait I need to kill in this world to join you lovely people, obviously) I let him park there anyways as I didn’t have need for two parking spots, unfortunately I have recently had to move from my gorgeous apartment in …….. due to horrible personal reasons and that is the reason I am now temporally staying between my mother’s house and my current partner’s until we find a nice house in ……… again (not the best situation I can tell you).
I would like to take this opportunity to give you some advice on how to tackle this in a mature adult way in the future to prevent these horrible offending people (like myself) that unknowing decide to park their car in your space
1.       Maybe notify them a lot sooner that the space is not to be used other than for open space / atmosphere and that the odd vehicle’s parking here and there are visiting your property – signage!
2.       Maybe not deliberately park a car here to try and prove a point, giving the offending horrible person evil childish looks and making that person feel uncomfortable for a reason they did not know (which I now know was the case over the past weeks) it make this whole situation look pathetic, hence the reason I have taken this opportunity to explain.
I can guarantee you I will not darken your privately owned space again with my wrecked vehicle and it is lovely to know I am now living among such nice, uptight, snobby neighbours who obviously brood and moan about a situation for months before a silly attempt is mastermind to prove a point and resolve but then resort to the amicable solution that could of resolved this month’s ago.
Again thank you, I know how frustrating this horrid this situation has become to you.
Kind regards. ……. The lady with the wrecked vehicle and uncontrollable two and half year old 

Going to be posting this onto their car tonight! such a silly situation but just riles me! sorry for the ……. as i don’t want to give away our locations lol!

Anyway RANT OVER! 🙂 onto the business planning update! waiting for my fabric to come now! cant really do much until its here but have started painting my props for the show! cant wait. not long but soooo much to do ha! 🙂

Charlene xx